Our business

We build on solid foundations

Many-year experience allows us to implement many not only prestigious, but also technically advanced projects. We are the largest construction company in Poland that is not part of international holdings. Furthermore, we perform orders in Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

  • Commercial construction

  • RES

  • Construction and service for industry and energy

  • Wooden modular

We have been operating since 1990.

We have been operating since 1990.

Since 2007, we have been a public company, listed on the WSE, in the WIG Budownictwo index of construction companies. This obliges us to be fully transparent.

Our projects

As a group of ERBUD S.A. we perform residential, office, commercial and industrial projects etc. as the main contractor. In addition, we undertake orders for service and public facilities.

Commercial construction is the core of our business. However, the companies of the ERBUD Group construct also wind and solar farms. We implement projects for the energy, road and engineering industries, as well.

What distinguishes us is the quality and timeliness and commitment to work ethics. Safety is our priority. Therefore, the standard is to comply with occupational health and safety rules as well as ISO and AQAP standards. We are known for pro-ecological, innovative solutions.

An experienced team of engineers and specialists oversees the progress of projects. We regularly improve employee competences through trainings. We care for a transparent system of rewarding their commitment to work.

What we stress is not only proper relations with our partners, but also corporate social responsibility. We are involved in charity, because we know how important sustainable development is.


The ERBUD Group is an organisation with values. Responsibility, innovation and security are particularly important to us, and are the pillars of our activity. Thanks to this, we are able to build trust among customers.

We believe that employees are the most important capital of the Company. Their commitment is priceless.

We respect our subcontractors, working with them on transparent principles. Credibility and trust are the foundation of a well-run business.

We believe that as a company, we are responsible for the community and the environment.

  • Responsibility

  • Innovation

  • Safety