Pro-environmental initiatives



We undertake activities aimed at shaping the ecological awareness of our colleagues and the local community.

We actively participate in education, presenting our competences in practical activities not only on construction sites, but also in the immediate vicinity.

Mamy tylko jedną Ziemię

" We only have one Earth, and its future depends on every seemingly small human action, depends on each of us "

These important words apply not only to individuals, but also to the entire business. Today, it is large companies that have a key impact on the formation of the carbon footprint, water pollution, and the production of tons of garbage. And companies from the construction sector have a lot behind their ears in this regard.

We must be aware of the impact we have on the environment, both on a micro and macro scale. Each of us.


ERBUD has already moved to the good side of the force.

ERBUD has already moved to the good side of the force.

We have taken and are still taking further steps, thanks to which we can call ourselves a "green company". And it is known that the company is made of people!

See how people in Erbud operate on a local scale!

Each of our branches proposed and then implemented an environmental initiative. The aim of the action was, above all, to develop environmental awareness among employees.

Wrocław branch

He announced that he was building not only for people. By showing that these are not just empty words, the team created a hotel chain for the smaller brothers.

A quiet place to live and set up a family in the form of bird feeders and nesting boxes, as well as hotels for insects in the vicinity of investments carried out by the Wrocław branch of ERBUD.

Rzeszów branch

"Pro-ecological gadgets for birds", that is nesting boxes and feeders, also has the Rzeszów branch, which has also revealed itself as the undisputed leader in supplementing the stand.

It is not about replacement plantings, or otherwise known as compensatory plantings, because these are our legal obligation as a general contractor to which we are obliged after cutting out resulting from construction sites.

The plantings were made by the employees of the branch office and construction workers in Dęblin, the construction of the Hospital in Zabrze and the construction of the Greenhouse in Lublin.

Szczecin branch

Completely gave up the use of disposable plates and cutlery, dry-wiping boards were installed in the office to reduce paper consumption and a waste segregation program was implemented.

In addition, employees decorated the office with plants selected for air purification.

Toruń branch

Took care of a bee-friendly space. Workers sowed a flower meadow and built hives to which a professional beekeeper brought insects.

Warszawa branch

A community garden for a special school was created. A zone of relaxation and physical activity for children from primary school.

Warsaw construction sites created pots and benches, plants recommended by the gardener were purchased, according to the needs and cultivation possibilities of students and teachers, and the department staff conducted classes in the form of mini workshops for students of the school on the care of planted plants.

Aby zminimalizować skutki naszej działalności

In order to minimize the effects of our activities on the surrounding natural environment, we use a number of solutions for the protection of fauna and flora:

Protection of trees and shrubs, in places where there is a risk of their damage, by applying rules:

  • Trees and shrubs growing in clusters - the use of collective fencing (system fencing, panel fencing, mesh fencing),
  • Singly growing trees and shrubs - use of stem protections (wooden or rubber trunk protections).

For the protection of trunk trees, we often use used materials that are no longer suitable for use as protection at the construction site.

Additional fencing and securing of the construction site to protect amphibians and other small animals.

Places for washing wheels of vehicles and machines leaving the construction site with a closed water circuit.

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