We think about the next generations. That is why we try to prevent the environment from knowing about our existence.

Wooden modular construction is gaining more and more recognition.

There are many reasons, ranging from the advantages of the raw material itself, which is wood, through the production cycle, the time needed to erect a modular building, eco-friendly solutions, and ending with the favor of governments. Our modules consist of 90% wood, they allow you to create any space and adapt it to the necessary needs.

As in the case of modules, we do not have a traditional construction site, the time needed to erect the building is significantly reduced, the modules are produced in a closed hall, where weather conditions do not matter and the production line, which is fully automated, leaves 90% ready.
It also allows for the highest possible quality. We also equip units with a number of solutions improving their energy optimization.

Our modules are fully sustainable.

Advantages of using modules

Buildings and room layouts of any size can be designed and manufactured.


You can easily and easily increase or decrease the size of a building by adding or removing additional modules.


You can move all or part of the building to another location. Time. Simple assembly rules allow you to quickly create a complete modular building, ready for use.


The precise construction takes place in controlled weather conditions - in the production hall.


Possibility of placing the object in any place, regardless of the distance from the production plant.


Waste reduction through material optimization.


The construction is completely environmentally friendly and non-collision.


The wooden structure is resistant to external factors. The durability of the wooden modular structure is about 60 to 90 years.


Automated production allows us to maintain the highest standards regarding, for example, the precision of dimensions.


Green transformation is a natural direction of development for us, our duty to the world around us. We want to take an active part and have our place in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. We join the actions outlined by the European Green Deal, the aim of which is to transform the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy.


We know how to use the possibilities of modular construction. We erect buildings for various purposes. But what they all have in common is that they are quick to build, economically effective, and serve people well.


We build with future generations in mind. Schools, kindergartens, hotels, dormitories, residential buildings, hospitals and offices are built in wooden modules. Modular construction offers great possibilities of adaptation to specific needs.


We moved the construction process to the factory to have even more control over every aspect of it.


The greatest advantage of using modular technology is the reduction of construction time by up to 70%. The modules that leave the factory are 90% ready and complete.


Wooden modular structures can be combined with conventional construction, which allows us to bypass the limitations typical of modular construction, extends technical possibilities and allows significant architectural freedom..


The module is a self-supporting spatial structure with the highest possible degree of prefabrication. In their final location, individual modules are assembled into multi-story buildings. Modules provide a lot of design freedom and flexibility in terms of the form of the building.

In our plant, we produce single and open modules, which are components for the construction of large rooms.

The possibility of using ready-made elements manufactured in the factory for the construction of the facility significantly reduces the duration of the construction. Prefabricated structures create self-contained rooms with installed services such as windows, plumbing, sanitary and electrical installations.

The process of making the module
Production of modules

In our modern production plant, 375 m2 of usable space will be created every day. The equipment of the module will be individually selected for the individual project of our client.

Our production is 90% automated, which allows us to avoid measurement errors and ensure the highest quality, compliance with the project, as well as the safety of the staff.

The production of modules can run in parallel with other processes. At the same time, foundations or an underground garage are built on the construction site and several storeys in the production plant. After the modules have been transported to the construction site, all that remains is to connect them, finish outside: joining the facade, joining the roof, internal installations, building an elevator, joining the foundations. The modules are ready for the user very quickly.

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